Rick Warren

Much hubaloo the past pair of days regarding Obama’s choice to have Rick Warren give the invocation at his inauguration.  Warren was a strong, vocal supporter of Propsition 8.  He’s stated on many occassions that allowing me to get married is no different that allowing a father to marry his daughter.  

On its face, the pick itself doesn’t bother me much at all.  It is not as if Obama could ignore all those with whom he disagrees on certain issues. Warren is mega-popular and seems to be a likeable fella who has inspired millions of Americans.  Even though his views on gay marriage are insulting, I don’t think that alone makes him unfit to be a part of the inauguration.  

However, what bothers me is the symbolism and what it hints at for the future.  Signals have already been sent that Obama won’t pursue the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” gay servicemembers ban.  Now this pick.  I knew LGBT issues weren’t high on the President’s totem pole anyway, but its not looking good.

Having a President who ‘says’ he supports certain things is irrelevant if he’s not willing to expend any political capital on actual policy changes.


BTW, here’s a clip with Warren dismissing his critics.  I particularly like how he defends Prop 8, by saying that allowing gays to get married would only help 2% of the population while hurting millions of others.  I just don’t get it.  Who are these millions and how will they be hurt?

2 thoughts on “Rick Warren

  1. I think Obama will be throwing us a bone soon. I think he would be facing a lot of problems if he chose a pro-gay religious leader. It sucks, but whatever, at least we didn’t think he was going to legalize marijuana.

  2. I hope you are right. We shall see. Here’s paying that the ‘bone’ is either a push for federal civil union protection (unlikely), repeal of DOMA (also unlikely), or a repeal of DADT (the most plausible).

    Time will tell. But, I agree that we must give him a chance.

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