Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #12

I’m getting geared up for my Civil Procedure exam in 3 hours, so I don’t have much extra time.  Though a few key points about this brilliant song.

1. I first heard it at an acapella show at the Univerisy of Illinois with Tracie and JK.

2. Afterwards, Tracie sent a copy of the song, because she liked it.  I didn’t particularly remember it during the U of I show.

3. Since then, I’ve adored it.  It’s fantastic acapella, and totally captures the power of the season…especially as it builds up near the end.

4.  Enjoy it.  It should likely be higher on this list.


In the First Light – GLAD

One thought on “Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #12

  1. I think you might also have particularly good memories of this song because it was during this concert that you, me, and DMurr were provided with a special show of people creatively sharing chapstick! lol Ohh Christmas memories 🙂 Good song.

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