Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #12

Unlike a few others on this list, no one will not have heard this one .  As a religious carol, it’s been around much longer that the ‘old’ popular music legends like “The Christmas Song” and “White Christmas.”   I’ll spare you the long storied (and disputed) past about how the song was written on a cold, Christmas Eve when a rural church’s organ was broken and they needed a song they could play without it.  This song was destined to be on the list because of the two keys: (1) brings back memories; (2) is gentle.  I’d be interested in hearing your particular favorite renditions.  My personal favorite is by Boyz II Men, but I can’t easily find their version online.  In its stead…


Silent Night – Innsbrucker Capellknaben

3 thoughts on “Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #12

  1. Trace- that’s why I like you.

    Lindsay- any chance of getting a recording of your version so the rest of the world can enjoy it? 🙂

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