How to Save the Auto Industry has figured out how to save the struggling American automakers without a government bailout…

They could save some $$ by eliminating benefits to partners of same-sex couple. Anyone discussing that??

A favorite commentator agrees with the idea, he explains…

The big 3, now more than ever need to save some cash. The traditional family: the man goes to work and the wife stays home. You can see why the family benefits are needed.With two guys, They should both be out working, they’re really is no excuse for one guy to be staying home, and needing a near bankrupt company to pay his benefits.

You’d think they’d be lookin to trim the fat, and save some cash, where-ever they could. Put real families that really need family health care plans first. 

2 thoughts on “How to Save the Auto Industry

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    I wonder how much money the big 3 would save by eliminating health benefits to opposite sex couples in which both spouses work, or to all couples who do not have children, or hell to the husbands of women who work for the automakers because what are those there feminine types doin’ outside of the kitchen anyway?


  2. Yes, how absurd. If it’s any consolation, the math that the author uses to compile how much money the automakers would save is woefully inaccurate, simple multiplication mistakes.

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