From the Mormon Times

A thoughtful article.  It deserves notice.  It’s all about baby steps, I suppose…

Persecution plays a salient role in the history of our church, but this is the first time my generation has actually seen it in full force. We watch perplexed as images of vandalized chapels and angry anti-Mormon signs fill the TV screen. We forward links to articles about white powder being sent to our temples and activist letter-writing campaigns to our prophet. We feel like we’re watching history unfold — but not all of us are handling it very well.

Rule No.1 in taking the high road: When you let righteous indignation turn into wholesale self-righteousness, you lose the upper hand.

In talking to friends about the issue, I find that many of us have virtually no comprehension of the other side’s arguments. They’re not all ridiculous, you know. And when we automatically dismiss everything our aggressors say without a second thought, we are being just as ignorant and intolerant as we accuse them of being. […]

One credible argument they employ is that banning homosexual marriage promotes promiscuity in the gay community. Proposition 8 could discourage gays from settling down and starting families, therefore forcing them to live the single life forever.

Now, of course, their point is debatable — especially considering the Proclamation to the World — but it’s not absurd. And yet, when I brought it up with one of my roommates, he immediately rejected the notion with a look of disgust. No coherent arguments were formed, but he just could not accept that gay activists might actually have something reasonable to say. Maintaining this attitude does nothing to prove our Christianity to the world.

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