Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #19

Even before the chatter on the blog, I knew that this song was going to be controversial.  It’s a polarizer.  Like Sarah Palin or Miley Cyrus or seafood.  This song was a phenomenon when it first broke in the late 1990s- a product of the then-new communciation tool , ‘the internet.’  

It’s depressing, I admit that.  However, my Mom loved it so much that she played it over and over, and so hearing even just a bit of it  immediately conjures scenes of our decorated house, the smell of her baking, and the excitement of the season. I can’t control it; Pavlov proved that.

If you never heard it before it became a joke, I respect that.  But it has undeniably affected many a Christmas memory.  For that reason, it is number 19 on this list.


Christmas Shoes – Newsong 

9 thoughts on “Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #19

  1. Paul – YOU ARE KILLING ME. This list is your joke list right? And you’ll post your real list in its entirety on Christmas, right? Me, Andy, Chris, Dana check this list every morning, and we’re tired of being slapped in the face.

    The memory of your mom baking should be tainted by this song, not reinforced. This is on our anti-Christmas song list.

    Christmas Shoes is continuously number 1 on the worst songs of Christmas.

    In the spirit of this list, I present:

  2. LK, I must keep mum 🙂

    AC, I knew this one would be tough for folks to take. I get that. When I began this massive understanding, it was with the knowledge that friendships may be lost and blood may be spilled. But, no great journey comes without cost.

    For millions of geriatrics across this country, Christmas Shoes captures the spirit of the season. I thought throwing them a bone at number 19 was the least I could do. 🙂

  3. Paul — I literally had never heard this song before today, and I kind of wish I could go back to that life. I would say more but AC pretty much sums up my feelings on this topic.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to try to rent the made for TV movie so I can get my next fix of comically awful Christmas material.

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