Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #22

I kept jostling Mariah around with this one, not able to decide which deserved the higher spot.  Ultimately, I gave the edge to this, mostly because I plan on getting a Charlie Brown Christmas tree this weekend: fullfilling a life-long goal.  I have a feeling that most people either consider this song a staple in their Christmastime rotation or find it incredibly drab.  Personally, I love playing this song on a winter morning, while busy doing other things.  It’s wonderful background, winter music.


Christmastime is Here – Vince Guaraldi Trio 

2 thoughts on “Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #22

  1. agreed. i love Hark the Herald Angels Sings just because of the part in the movie where they hum it.

    You know this countdown is a little melodramatic. We all know what #1 is going to be. …Lohan Holiday.

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