Bullies & Victims

The NRO’s editor has an enlightening column, trying to ‘criticize the criticism’ of the Mormon chuch:

No, it’s just that Mormons are the most vulnerable of the culturally conservative religious denominations and therefore the easiest targets for an organized campaign against religious freedom of conscience.  […]

It’s often lost on gay-rights groups that they and their allies are the aggressors in the culture war. Indeed, they admit to being the “forces of change” and the “agents of progress.” They proudly want to rewrite tradition and overturn laws. But whenever they’re challenged democratically and peaceably, they instantly complain of being victims of entrenched bigots, even as they adopt the very tactics they abhor.


The rush to victimhood on any side frustrates me to no end.  However, this is ridiculous.  This argument makes it seems as if gay marriage supporters and oppoinents are fighting to get some prize that only one of them can have.    

Not so.

Instead, supporters are fighting for the same thing that everyone already has, and opponents don’t want them to get it.  We are not talking about a zero-sum game here.  Opponents of gay marriage don’t lose anything when gays are allowed to get married, except perhaps their satisfaction at seeing their sinner of choice treated unequally.

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