Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #23

If you lived in the United States in the mid 90s or if you are younger than 25, than you know and love this song.  It is one of the few non-classics that has become a classic in a short time.  It very well might not have been on this list, however, except for its inclusion in the wonderfully awesome movie “Love Actually.”  I don’t care what has happened to Mariah since this, but back in the day she nailed it.


All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

7 thoughts on “Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #23

  1. Definitely would have put this in the top 15, especially for a list being made in 2008. You gotta keep up with what songs they play in the Gap over the Holidays haha. It will be interesting to see how the dates of your songs correlate with their number on the countdown.

    I don’t want a lot for Christmas
    This is all I’m asking for
    I just want to see my baby
    Standing right outside my door

    Those lyrics are so much more engaging, than say, the Little Drummer Boy. (Possibly the worst song ever – any genre)

    “One factor influences my opinions of a Christmas song more than anything else: Memories” – Last song at Brothers all through December – hello – you have to have memories of that. Not exactly Christmasy memories, but fun ones hahaha.

  2. P.S. If “Christmas Shoes” is ranked higher than Mariah we will have serious issues. So it looks like Christmas Shoes better not be in the mix.

  3. Yeah I think this song shoulda been a little higher up, but I’m gonna have to “third” that Christmas shoes can’t be further on the list than the Queen of Christmas Pop.

  4. Ha. Hmmmmm I cannot even hint at the inclusion/exclusion of Christmas Shoes or Little Drummer Boy. All in due time. 🙂

    And Crofty, lest you forget, I very rarely ever enjoyed the outings to the bars in Champaign. I much preferred the late-night apartment parties with control over the music. It is for that reason that our apartment on Healy was perpetually decorated for Christmas…so I could pretend that every party was a Christmas party.

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