Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #25

The most glorious stretch of the year is finally upon us.  I love Christmas.  The good feelings the entire season brings hasn’t changed much since my first Christmas.  The fact that I am a 23 year old guy doesn’t make me ashamed.  I’m going to milk the happiness it brings for as many years as I can.

Thus, as promised, I will countdown the days of the season with my highly subjective list of the 25 greatest Christmas songs of all time.  Before I unveil number 25, a few caveats:

1.  This type of list is so specific to each invidivudal that most people will disagree not only with what I include, but the order that I rank.  I understand that.  Bring it on.

2.  One factor influences my opinions of a Christmas song more than anything else: Memories.  If it was a part of my Christmas childhood, than I probably like it.  Thus, a majority of the songs on this list were either on a CD that the family onced owned OR on the soundtrack to a Christmas movie that we often watched.

3.  I have a slight prejudice for classic, gentle songs.  Take that as you will. 

4. I am attempting to rank both the song AND the greatest particular rendition of the song.  Though the song itself takes precedence.  


So, without further ado, The 25th greatest Christmas Song of All-Time:

It Feels Like Christmas – A Muppet Christmas Carol

9 thoughts on “Greatest Christmas Songs Countdown #25

  1. so there’s a guy named Dustin Kensrue. He just released a solo album of folky acoustic christmas cover songs. might be worth checking out. its called “This Good Night Is Still Everywhere”

    i enjoy fairytale of new york, but thats just cause i lived with andy for 2 years

  2. I understand we have our differences. For instance, this song would have been number 3, 2 and 1 for my top list of greatest Christmas music. To each his own and Merry Christmas!

  3. Ah, Andy, you are actually the one who introduced me to this song and movie to begin with. I never actually watched it as a kid. If I had, it would likely be much higher.

    Paul, as soon I get out of class and have the chance to listen to music, I’m checking out your recommendation. “Folksy” and “Acoustic” are words that I usually love.

    JK, those were the glory days.

  4. I will be checking back daily in hopes of seeing one song and one song only….”Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” by N’SYNC

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