In the end, we will realign…

Smart thoughts, I think, about the effects of equality on the small gay culture.

The gist:  Once there is equality, it will be much easier for gays to call themselves conservative, and, *gasp* Republican.

As homosexuality becomes less and less differentiated from conventional life, and there are more and more victories for gay normalcy and gay acceptance, there will likewise be less reason for a gay rights movement. And as gay people become fully integrated into the American experience as equal participants, the need for gay people to ally with any one partisan or ideological apparatus will shrink. […]

In other words, when there stops being a “gay identity” (which is inevitably constraining), there should equally be a end to the gay political identity. […]

It’s just that people will rally around the side that argues for them, more often than not, and there are I think quite a few people who stand with liberalism on social issues but not on economics. At the very least, anyone who knows more than a few gay people is sure to know some gay conservatives, and I’m sure more gay people will self-identify as such when conservatism gets out of the business of telling them who to marry, or that they are immoral or sinful.

2 thoughts on “In the end, we will realign…

  1. I don’t really see why its a bad thing to allow people to vote with their opinion rather than be constrained to vote by their characteristics.

    But I’m not sure if that is what you’re trying to say either.

  2. Trust me, I do not think this is a bad thing. I find it incredibly welcoming.

    I’ve personally spent much time explaining how it is that I can consider myself a political conservative and supporter of many Republican candidates.

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