Winter Break Reading

In an effort to calm my mildly anxious mind about my first law school exam season, I’m created a list of books that I want to read during the glorious winter break.  I’ll be adding to it, but the start:


*Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

*Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell’s new boook

*The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

*Some work of Studs Terkel, any suggestions on what exactly?

*The Time Paradox

*God is NOT Great (Hitchens) OR The God Delusions (Dawkins), but not both

              ***Update: Brandon’s thoughts cemented the Hitchens pick. 

*Love Undetectable-Andrew Sullivan


*The Professor and the Madman- Simon Winchester

*Jingle Bugs: A Merry Pop up Book with Lights and Music – David A. Carter

* Nudge – Thaler and Sunstein



Any additions, suggestions, or critiques?

7 thoughts on “Winter Break Reading

  1. I’ve been wanting to read Team of Rivals for a while; you’ll have to tell me what you think if you pick it up. The Hitchens book is actually called “god Is Not Great,” and I thought it was a decent read. I haven’t read The God Delusion but I heard it’s a bit… headier… than Hitchens’ book. Actually, I enjoyed Hitchens’ follow-up a more: the Portable Atheist. It’s series of essays and writings from the ancient past to the present regarding the existence (or lack thereof) of god and how religion affects culture.

  2. Thanks for catching that typo: it was one of those mistakes that kind of matters a great deal. 🙂

    I remember that you had read the Hitchens stuff; we talked about it a bit at our last epic BN meeting of the minds.

    By ‘headier’ do you mean a more direct, forceful repudiation of all things spiritual?

  3. Everything I’ve read about Dawkins makes me think that he goes further into depth on his topics- which is good and bad. I read another one of his- The Blind Watchmaker. It was informative, but parts of it were just a chore. Hitchens hits the points he wants to make but doesn’t go into as much detail. Again, both good and bad.

  4. The Man Who Discovered China

    The Professor and the Madman (I’ve yet to start, it is by the same historian with excellent reviews)

    Gang Leader for a Day


  5. Thanks a million for the ideas. In particular: The Professor and the Madman AND Jingle Bugs.

    -Tracie, I assume by Jingle Bugs you are referring to the Merry Christmas pop-up book? If so, consider it done.

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