Dan Savage, who has been all over network TV this week, hits on a point not discussed enough since the election:

Right now, there are 3,700 other children across Arkansas in state custody; 1,000 of them are available for adoption. The overwhelming majority of these children have been abused, neglected or abandoned by their heterosexual parents.

Even before the law passed, the state estimated that it had only about a quarter of the foster parents it needed. Beginning on Jan. 1, a grandmother in Arkansas cohabitating with her opposite-sex partner because marrying might reduce their pension benefits is barred from taking in her own grandchild; a gay man living with his male partner cannot adopt his deceased sister’s children.

{…}how long before they argue that we’re unfit to raise those we’ve already adopted? If lesbian couples are unfit to care for foster children, are they fit to care for their own biological children?

2 thoughts on “Anti-Family

  1. Dan Savage Rocks. Further, Arkansas is shooting themselves in the foot. Poor rearing (the increased chance of it) has been linked to increased crime rates and decreases in intellectual achievement by a few sources.

    But hey, its Arkansas.

  2. I agree. This is a patently ridiculous/discriminatory policy, it’ll be cringe-inducing in the not so distant future.

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