11 thoughts on “Milk

  1. For information on Prop 8/Gay Rights boycotts, marches, letter writing campaigns and more, visit kickingalion.wordpress.com.

  2. Here is what cracks me up about you. You are so desperate to mimic capitol fax. Has it crossed your mind that a copy can never be truly good as the original?

  3. Dear Steve-

    You are a CapFax reader? Fantastic.

    I wanted to write this personal note to thank you for your insight into my soul. It’s amazing that you were able to diagnose so accurately from only a few blog posts.

    At first I assumed this blog containing my personal musings on politics, life, and humor directed to my friends and family was a way to keep in touch and chat while separated by distance.

    But, no, I think you are onto something. Instead this is my desperate attempt to compete with the mega-popular state politics website of my good friend and mentor Rich Miller. My secret plan is to steal his thousands and thousands of paid subscribers and get them to listen to my thoughts instead of his comprehensive reporting that can be found nowhere else.

    I can’t believe I didn’t catch it before. Thanks for setting me straight.

    I will cease and desist immediately.



  4. i was being totally serious. Imagining what sort of music would end up on his blog has been amusing me all day. I’m thinking “Electric Avenue” Oh, Pat Quinn!

    oh, and THANK YOU for Ali Lohan. As soon as I find some free time, you can bet I will be sending along my vision of a Lohan Christmas.

  5. Hahaha. Electric Avenue, I can’t believe you brought that up…because I mentioned it yesterday.

    I had dinner with state Rep. Greg Harris last night (catching up status of civil unions legislation in IL) and we started talking about stupid politicians. I had to tell the Pat Quinn teabagging tale. We must be on the same wavelength for it to be on both of our minds at all times.

    What a great memory.

  6. BTW, for those have never heard the story, the current Lt. Gov. of IL, The Honorable Patrick Quinn told Kasey and I that he, and I quote, “Brought the electric company to its knees by teabagging them.”

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