Atheists Are Mean?

Via The Daily Dish, here’s an interesting Slate article on happiness and religion. 


The gist:  In the United States, atheists seem to be less generous and less happy than their religious counterparts.  But, that does not hold in other countries where atheism is more prevalent.  Thus, the real root of the effect of religion on happiness/generosity may be the community benefits in general, not the spirituality per se…


Arguments about the merits of religions are often battled out with reference to history, by comparing the sins of theists and atheists. (I see your Crusades and raise you Stalin!) But a more promising approach is to look at empirical research that directly addresses the effects of religion on how people behave. […]

If you think about God, you believe someone is watching. This argument is bolstered by other research that they review showing that people are more generous and less likely to cheat when others are around. […]

So, this is a puzzle. If you look within the United States, religion seems to make you a better person. Yet atheist societies do very well—better, in many ways, than devout ones. […]

The Danes and the Swedes, despite being godless, have strong communities. In fact, Zuckerman points out that most Danes and Swedes identify themselves as Christian. They get married in church, have their babies baptized, give some of their income to the church, and feel attached to their religious community—they just don’t believe in God. Zuckerman suggests that Scandinavian Christians are a lot like American Jews, who are also highly secularized in belief and practice, have strong communal feelings, and tend to be well-behaved.

American atheists, by contrast, are often left out of community life.  […]

The sorry state of American atheists, then, may have nothing to do with their lack of religious belief. It may instead be the result of their outsider status within a highly religious country where many of their fellow citizens, including very vocal ones like Schlessinger, find them immoral and unpatriotic. Religion may not poison everything, but it deserves part of the blame for this one.


2 thoughts on “Atheists Are Mean?

  1. How has no one commented on this?

    I wish more people took the community side of religion with them, and leave applying religious beliefs to politics for the radicals to spew – not everyday citizens.

    This reminds me of another interesting study:

    Liberal northerners prefer sex education, and fear teen pregnancy, while southerners believe in abstinence, but are more accepting of teen pregnancy.

    Not related to this article, but equally interesting.

  2. I agree on the religion/government barrier. Our species finest moments have not come when we allow mass religious belief to dictate public policy.

    And I remember you sending me that article before…quite interesting.

    Has anyone seen Bill Maher’s “Religulous?” I haven’t but plan to soon.

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