3 thoughts on “Top Selling Digital Song of All Time…

  1. Oh, Paul. I don’t think my Sox are the reason you hate that song. It’s probably just their trophy that’s less than a hundred years old that goes ALONG with that song that irritates you. Or is it because the title of that song holds no more meaning for you Wrigleyville people?

    I’m sorry. I had to. You started it. 🙂

  2. Haha. Touche. I did start it. However, we NorthSiders NEVER stop believing. Obviously. That’s what’s most irritating about the fact that you guys picked that particular song…because its fits us better than you. Ah, sigh…

  3. Tracie, I fully intended to shoot something back at Paul, like maybe point out he sounds a little bitter or he should look up the definition of “inferior” before making such claims (Honestly Paul- you are going to be a lawyer. I expected better. Basic vocabulary is a must.), but you obviously took very good care of that.

    One more thing- come January 20, 2009 there will be a White Sox fan ruling the free world and residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Just a thought 🙂

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