1. House GOP leader John Boehner of Ohio called Emanuel “an ironic choice for a president-elect who has promised to change Washington, make politics more civil, and govern from the center.”


  2. That’s a reasonable attack line that will be heard often as the transition process unfolds.

    In general, big O is going to have a helluva time governing. Not only are the problems in front of him greater than any president in decades, but he has built a persona as a messiah that he cannot possibly protect while governing.

    However, I’ll defend Obama on this one by saying that the Chief of Staff is an internal position that is entirely about proving the right personality to counter/spur on the President. It’s not a policy decision so much as a personal one.

  3. Rahm’s brother, Ari, was the the inspiration for Jeremy Piven’s character in Entourage.


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