The Political Hail Mary

I am sure that most of you have either seen this news or heard about it.  But, as always after major meltdowns, the fingers are pointed all over the board among the GOP players.  Of particualr interest is the intense rift between the former VP candidate Palin and the McCain stalwarts.  In short, the McCain folks finally admitted the complete idiocy Palin’s performance throughout the campaign.

Most telling, of course, is the charge that she did not know Africa was a continent.  I mean, huh?

Kasey has a funny line HERE.  And watch below…

6 thoughts on “The Political Hail Mary

  1. I’ve had a strange fascination with Sarah Palin from the start, in a weird, Twilight Zone kinda way. While a sick part of me (the very small part of me that likes train wrecks) is glad the saga isn’t over, I’d just as soon never see Palin again.
    I think a lot of voters are realizing just what kind of bullet we dodged.

  2. Oh man, the Tina Fey reality just hit home. Why did you not point this out sooner? Many Americans may have reconsidered if that fact was on their mind. Perhaps it would have been just enough Fey-loving swing voters to throw this election the other way. You are are fault for this.

    Also, I’m holding you at fault for the Prop 8 passage in CA. You once lived in California, therefore you can be held liable for all of its mistakes. I know the logic isn’t 100% sound, but its just as good as the ‘gays will eat your children’ logic used by the YES on 8 campaign. 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot for passing along the article Anon. This fella seems pretty logical to me. Like he said, allowing gays to marriage is a conservative idea in that it encourages overall stability. And decreases sexual activity, ha.

    And I hear you on the Palin pile-on. As easy as she is to caricature (Lord knows I’ve laughed at her expense in the past), the criticism is probably too excessive. No matter what, she reached the post of Governor and became a VP nominee…there is some savvy in that.

  4. paul again that was me. :P. yah just thought that last paragraph in that article was funny. anyways. hope all is well.

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