The Day After

I believe deeply in these thoughts I shared last night.  I wanted to repeat them:

We have elected an African-American president; a testament to the jagged progress made in America over several generations.  It’s daunting to consider the road that Barack Obama has traversed in this campaign, built upon the progress made by countless advocates over generations.  Yet, as Obama specifically alluded to tonight, today represents the ability to change, not the change itself.  

For those of us inspired by Obama’s message, we must recognize what it means for us now, those of us who are sitting on the brink of our adult life.  We could look back on today and think that we are lucky to have inherited a world that is better than the one our parents received.  We could look back on today and think that we’ve ‘made it’ in every sense of the phrase.  We could look back on today and think that we do not have any struggles of our own that compare to those of the past.  

We must not be so naive.  Obama’s message to us tonight was that we are capable of doing the work that needs to be done, not that we have actually done that work.

Tonight we elected an African-American President and at the same time elected to deny people like me the right to raise children in need.  Tonight we elected to look beyond the color of a candidate’s skin and at the same time elected to deny loving couples the right to be treated equally.  Tonight is a symbol of progress and tomorrow we begin to make more.

Let’s keep going. 

2 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I deeply believe in those thoughts too =)

    I know I’ve already said this, but thank you again for all your input and analysis over the past couple of days. I value your insight more than you know.

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