Final predictions.  I’ll be comparing these to the actual results as we get them on Tuesday.

Please feel free to post your own thoughts on any of these races…I’m interested in other’s gut feelings.

In general, these predicitions error on the side of generosity to McCain; my instincts insist that most of the toss-up, reliably R states will stay that way. 

*Disclaimer: To simplify and account for the randomness of third party/non-voting, I am only indicating my predicted winner and margin, not the actual % of the vote.


Contested States

Arizona: McCain by 2%

Colorado: Obama by 6%

Florida: Obama by 1.5%

Georgia: McCain by 5%

Iowa: Obama by 11%

Indiana: McCain by .5% (I think this will be the closest state)

Missouri: McCain by 1% 

Montana: McCain by 4%

North Carolina: McCain by 1.5%

North Dakota: McCain by 2%

New Mexico: Obama by 7%

Nevada: Obama by 4%

Ohio: Obama by 2%

Pennslyvania: Obama by 5%

Virginia: Obama by 3%

TOAL Popular Vote: Obama by 6.5%

TOTAL EC: Obama 338-200




Kentucky- McConnell by 5%

Minnesota- Franken by 1.5%

New Hampshire- Shaheen by 8%

North Carolina- Hagan by 6%

Colorado-Udall by 13%

New Mexico-Udall by 15%

Georgia- Chambliss by 4%

Alaska-Begich by 14%

Mississippi- Wicker by 6%

Oregon- Merkley by 3%

Louisiana- Landrieu by 11%

Virginia- Warner by 23%

TOTAL D Senate Pick-Ups: 8 seats

TOTAL D House Pick-Ups: 23 seats




California- Proposition 8: Fail by 3%

Florida-Amendment 2: Fail by 5%

Arkansas- Act 1: Fail by 12%

Arizona- Prop 102: Fail by 1% (this may be wishful thinking)




IL-10: Kirk by 1.5% 

IL-11: Halvorson by 12%

Con-Con: Fail by 7%

3 thoughts on “Predictions

  1. Voter Conscience Poll

    For the past week, I’ve been conducting a poll comparing voters’ conscience votes compared to their actual planned vote for president.

    The results have been very surprising so far. I am doing this for research purposes and want to capture as much data as possible by election night.

    Add your voice and please tell others about the poll.

  2. God help us if Al Franken is elected to the Senate… I want it to happen, but I’m curious if he’ll be taken seriously. Either way I guess I’m proud to be from MN.

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