Get Ready

To sum up election preparations:


*Three main things to focus on:

     (1) The Presidential Election

     (2) The total number of seats the Democrats gain in the Senate.  If they get to 60 they will have a filibuster proof majority (counting on Joe Lieberman voting with them).  To get to 60 they need to pick up 9 seats.

     (3) Proposition 8 in CA.  It has become the most expensive social battle in history.  It is the culmination of the culture war that has raged for the last two decades.



*I’ll probably be live-blogging thoughts throughout the day on Tuesday.  Check back often and comment as we go along.  I plan on sitting on my couch and soaking up each hour.  This will be historic.

12 thoughts on “Get Ready

  1. I have a ticket to the Obama rally so I’ll probably be texting you with updates from there… as long as you can write me back with updates since I won’t have access to a computer. If only I had a damn Iphone.

  2. Thanks for the time-line Paul. This will be my guide as I sit in front of the tube. In the other hand I’ll have a glass of wine I hope to use to toast President-elect Obama rather than drown my sorrows that Sarah Palin will be “in charge of the Senate.” I hope to see a filibuster-proof Senate before I go to bed.
    I am concerned that we might be going into the middle of the night, tho, with polls having their hours extended and dirty tricks with the machines. I’m predicting Pennsylvania will take the place of Florida and Ohio as the home of dirty tricks this time. Hope I’m wrong, tho!

  3. Rhetorical question. Would it be better to get 60 in the Senate or just enough to have a solid majority and punt Lieberman out of the caucus?

  4. Bob, I hope your concern about the dirty tricks is misguided. I shudder to think what this country will be like if McCain wins surrounded by credible claims of fraud. It could get ugly.

    Bilal, good question. To be honest, a 60 vote Dem control of the House scares me a bit. Or more than a bit. A lot. Besides social issues, I think government friction is most often a good thing.

    But w/ regard to the Lieberman question, I think 59 may be better for them. No catering to him, yank his chair position. What do you think?

  5. How concerned are you about the number of provisional votes issued in this election? Every state has different Voter ID requirements but with a substantial expected increase in first time voters (who more often than not are uniformed on what they need to bring to the polls to prove they are registered), a huge number of provisional ballots might be cast. If the election is close enough in key states, it could be days if not weeks before those ballots can be verified and cast. I am going to look more into the voter ID requirements in key swing states tonight to see whether or not I am worried over nothing, but I see lack of information about registration verification as a major flaw in most GOTV efforts. I have not hear anything this year warning people to bring utility bills, bank statements, etc. like I remember in 2004. Then again, I am not a student anymore and I don’t live in a state/district with any real hotly contested positions.

  6. p.s. i thought i submitted this before i left work but apparently not. When Obama makes his election night speech and says it is bitter sweet because his grandma cannot be there to see him, I am going to bawl like a baby.

  7. Take a look at this opinion piece Rachel Maddow delivered last night about the “new poll tax,” i.e., the cost of waiting up to 6 hours in line to vote. Never thought of it that way.

  8. Kasey, that is a fantastic point that you bring up re: provisional ballots. When I worked as an election judge in 2004, I was always concerned about the handling of the provisional ballots. I couldn’t break the feeling that they were cast and then disappeared without any real idea if they counted.
    I admit that I do not know much about the process or the concern for its ultimate disenfranchisement of voters. If you could, please report back the research that you find out…we should know that.

    Bob, thanks for passing that along. I just finished watching it. Fascinating stuff. She didn’t delve into it, but I wonder where/who the ‘tax’ hits the hardest. I’d assume that it would be urban residents who are disproportionately Democrats. Any idea? Not only would it effect the Presidential race, but is likely more important in smaller races that hinge on a fewer number of swing voters.

  9. As it turns out, I almost wrote the CL practicum on provisional voting. This explains why I had a surprisingly large amount of information stored in my brain about Voter ID requirements across states, the processes for accepting and rejecting prov ballots, and an irresistable urge to use the acronym, HAVA. As I started to look around and write things up, i remembered giving a presentation with recommendations for Illinois. Anyway, I looked through my old research and got a little carried away. My thoughts are too long for here, but you can read them on my blog (which I have temporarily restored to public). Why was this topic not interesting to me in 2005 when I would have earned an MA for writing about it? C’est la…

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