Election Eve Live Blogging

6:23pm: The Yes on Prop 8 campaign released its closing long advertisement.  They decided to end with the theme that they’ve carried throughout: they are the victims.  They have been called bigots and intolerant, even though they just want to protect children.  Perhaps the majority of Californians believe this.  Watching this doesn’t make me angry, just a bit sad.


*6:02pm: Politico named its top 10 most viral videos of the cycle.  One thing stuck out: there are idiots on both sides of this one.  Here are two of the clips…

Diddy on McCain.   Rambling nonsense that gives you a headache

McCain-Palin rally-goers.  The ill-informed hatred is scary.


*5:00pm: It seems that Karl Rove & Co have released their final predicted map.  His EV final tally is a  338-200 win for Obama.  Note that it is identical to my projection below.  I do not consider it a point of pride to be seeing eye to eye with Bush’s brain.

*3:54pm: Tragic.  Obama’s grandmother passed away this afternoon.

*3:16pm: For all of us in Obama’s home state, CapFax points us to the latest polling on how much Obama will win here in Illinois his home state:  it looks like it’ll be 20-22% win

*3:09pm: Pollser’s final national numbers: Obama by 7.1%

*2:48pm: Andrew Sullivan makes his final case for Obama.  Sullivan has emerged as the most well-known classic conservative for Obama.  He’s been mocked by many for losing objectivity and going over the top in his support of Obama.  Ultimately, he is supporting Obama because of he believes the Democrat will make America safer:

If I were to give one reason why I believe electing Barack Obama is essential tomorrow, it would be an end to this dark, lawless period in American constitutional government. […]

Obama, moreover, seems to bring out the best in people, and the calmest, and the sanest. He seems to me to have a blend of Midwestern good sense, an intuitive understanding of the developing world that is as much our future now as theirs’, an analyst’s mind and a poet’s tongue. He is human. He is flawed. He will make mistakes. His passivity and ambiguity are sometimes weaknesses as well as strengths.

But there is something about his rise that is also supremely American, a reminder of why so many of us love this country so passionately and are filled with such grief at what has been done to it and in its name. I endorse Barack Obama because I will not give up on America, because I believe in America, and in her constitution and decency and character and strength.

And the world needs that America now as much as it ever has. Can we start that healing, that rebirth, tomorrow?


Yes. We. Can.

3 thoughts on “Election Eve Live Blogging

  1. when Obama makes a reference to the win being bittersweet (knock on wood) tomorrow because he wishes his grandma could have seen it, i am going to bawl like a baby.

  2. I voted at 6:20am, they said they had more than 1 a minute so far, in our little corner of the world that is alot

  3. Wow, more than 1 a minute. I’m impressed with Bradley. What is your feel on the Recorder’s race? 🙂

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