Prop 8: Saving the Country from Nazis

I know that I may have lost my objectivity on the Prop 8 issue.  It matters a great deal to me.  

But I think even a moderate would be stunned by the lengths that the Yes on 8 campaign is now going.  

Here’s a clip from their rally yesterday.

And I quote: “Adolph Hitler said, ‘the soul of Germany you can leave that to me,’ And they did.  And because they did bombs would not only fall on the nation of Germany but also upon the church […]  Let us not make the mistake folks.  Let us hear the bell. Vote for Proposition 8.”

I’ll translate:

gay marriage = Nazism

gay marriage supporters = Hitler

gay marriage opponents = saving the world from evil



What’s ironic is that Hitler gassed homosexuals right along with gypsys and Jews.  It’s the origin of the upside, pink triangle symbol.

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