4 thoughts on “Dramatic Office

  1. YES! i was hoping someone else noticed. i don’t know what it is about this season…i’m just not feeling it. i don’t know if it’s the whole pam/jim separation, the addition of holly (who drives me up a wall), or maybe the office has just ran its course. either way…it makes me sad =(

  2. I’ve never been an office fan. However, Michael’s, “Auctioning people off like in the old days” begs to differ.

  3. “I’ve never been an office fan” meant I don’t know how funny they normally are. I just start watching the last few sodes…

  4. KG, I have liked this season so far actually, its just the last episode that delved into serious territory. The impending Pam/Jim thing pisses everyone off. Kyle A actually said that he loved the last episode, so I guess everyone sees it different.

    AC, I’m glad you’ve been able to get some laughter out of the show. There are million of those gems hidden in there. At least I’ve always thought so…

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