Prop 8 Shenanigans

This happens in all campaigns.  However when it happens around an issue instead of a candidate, it is even more frustrating:

Anti-same-sex marriage people are telling people unaware same-sex couples to vote yes on 8. Their case is so weak that their strategy is now to just confuse people. Now, we don’t know how widespread it is, and obviously the Yes on 8 campaign would deny it if asked. But our campaign has received multiple reports from people saying they’ve been called.

The bad news is that now we have to divide our efforts between calling undecided voters and calling our own supporters to undo the damage. The good news is that we’ve raised enough money to expand our efforts.


The key is in bold.  What do you do when you are losing a debate on its merits?  You confuse.  You trick.  It’s sad, because this isn’t about one-upping a friend in a debate.  It affects millions of lives in real ways.

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