A 66,000 Volt Shock Killed A Boy Today

1970s. Britain. Public Safety Messages.

Terrifying  messages intended to scare the hell out of 1970s Britain.  They don’t beat around the bush…which makes them both creepty and hilarious.

Brandon, this has your name all over it.

3 thoughts on “A 66,000 Volt Shock Killed A Boy Today

  1. My favorite is far and away the Spirit of the Water. Who pitched this?
    “Okay, it’s water safety meets Edgar Allan Poe. It’s ‘The Raven’ of PSA’s!” “Brilliant- but make sure he looks like the grim reaper- I want no confusion on this!”
    I watched this video this morning, and for some reason the line, “Sensible children … I have no power over them,” came into my mind and I literally laughed out loud; I must have looked like a crazy person.
    I’m glad a mixture of demented exaggeration and British ‘sensibility’ brought my name to mind. Means I’m doing something right. 🙂

  2. Clarification: that ‘sensible children’ line came back to me later that day- at school- which is why my laughing for no apparent reason made me look like a crazy person.

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