Proposition 8

Besides the whole Obama/McCain thing, there is another interesting election battle this cycle.  

It’s California’s Proposition 8.

Most people know that earlier this year the California Supreme Court said that it was unconstitutional for the state not to allow same-sex couples the right to marry.  California has long been known as the bellweather state, and so it was an enormous victory for the gay marriage movement.

However, it’s not over.

Opponents of same-sex marriage were successful in getting Proposition 8 on the ballot in November.  If it passes, the Proposition will amend the California constitution to revoke same-sex marriage.  It will take a step backwards, making it illegal again. The couples who already tied the knot will have their marriages voided.

It’s a big deal.  And right now the polls show that if the election were held today, the Proposition would pass.  It’s close, but it is up by about 5%.

The support has wavered over the last two months.  One big reason why the “YES” campaign is currently leading is because of its fundraising.  “YES” supporters (i.e. opponents of gay marriage) have outraised the “NO” supporters $25 million to $15 million.

The money has allowed the “YES” supporters to blanket the state with ads like this:

 —Ummm…Ok.  Cute girl.  Will she not be allowed to play with boy and girl dolls if gays are allowed to marry?  Will she not be allowed to marry herself?  What’s going on here?  No words, so I guess it means that if you find her cute than you must agree with the Proposition.—

What about this…

–I mean, come on.  Really? Old pictures.  Nothing else.  Vote Yes, because otherwise straight people will not be allowed to get married?  I don’t get it.  I’m starting to think that these ads don’t use words for a reason.  When you don’t have any facts supporting your position, pretty pictures work just as well.–

What’s funny is that nostaglic ads like that only prove exactly why same-sex couples so desperately want equality.  Marriage does matter.  It is special.  It is a milestone in life.  It is way to achieve stability.  It is a testament to what it most good in this crazy, mixed-up world.  It’s painful to be denied that.

Or this…

—Wow.  Indoctrination.  More kids will want to become gay, because it’s fun.  Yippee. —   

Or how about some with actual words, from real people, maybe they’ll at least discuss real issues…

—Yes, we need to protect families.  Because only straight people have families.—

—The classic “religious freedom” line.  So preposterous that I can’t even come up with a joke to make fun of it.—


Oy.   To be honest, the “YES” position is so flimsy, that I can’t debate their issues.  Because I don’t know what they are.  I’ve looked, but I can’t find anything.  

Just for fun, here’s a pair of “NO” campaign ads

First, Ellen…

And then this…

Keep your fingers crossed on this one.  

It does matter.  

Even for us folks out here in IL.

4 thoughts on “Proposition 8

  1. here’s the thing that gets me about the old picture ad, in addition to it supporting prop 8. at least 99% of those couples are also two white people getting married. I get the picture. The picture is let’s protect those of us who have always been privileged and who cares about anyone else. Human Rights Campaign – CA has a fund matching drive write now where your contribution is doubled if anyone is so inclined.

  2. That’s a fantastic point. I missed that, but watching that ad again I counted a grand total of 2 non-white people in the pictures.

    I bet you are right, that the psychology battle goes back to creating the ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality. It is sad, really. Because there need not be that division. There is nothing at risk that needs protecting.

    I guess the only way to win an argument to hold certain people to a lower status is to say that allowing them equal status will hurt others. It’s not at all true, but it’s often politically successful.

    And thanks for the HRC matching contribution link. I’ve already sent a bit of the little I have, but am now going to have to send a bit more. This precedent will matter, especially since we will have our own civil unions bill back on the docket in Springfield come February. This CA vote plays into our own push.

  3. Thats really funny that you forgot to include the nice no on 8 commercial showing the Mormon missionaries invading and burglarizing the gay womens home. That was a really nice one!

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