Make-Believe Maverick

There is much buzz about a new long essay on the ‘real’ John McCain in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.  I just finished it and am torn.  On one hand, I am forever skeptical of these retellings that attempt to attack a candidate’s percieved area of strengh.  In particular, I was disgusted with the flimsy attacks on John Kerry’s military service 4 years ago.  However, it is impossible not to read this and take pause.

When you have time, I highly recommend going through it all.  HERE.

If you are already a big Obama backer, as I suspect most are, than I am sure that reading this will only further your fervor.

3 thoughts on “Make-Believe Maverick

  1. I started reading it, got to the bottom and thought “oh this isn’t long at all”, then saw “page 1 of 10″…..and gave up. you know i don’t have the attention span for that!!

  2. I’m not even sure what to say. I’d go for shocking, but not really. Fantastic article. I’ve posted it on my blog as well. Thanks.

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