You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

The choice in this election is becoming painfully obvious to me.  The McCain campaign seems in crisis morde.  Looming above it all, the thought of Palin as a potential President is becoming more and more frightening.

I’ve said often that I dispise the idea that once we pick a horse in campaigns, we tend to always give them the benefit of the doubt and never give it to our opponent.  Because of that, the elecorate polarizes in campaign season, with painful policy consequences.  There is always the chance that I may be falling into that trap myself.  However, when I see Palin in an interview like this (one of only three that she has ever given), I shiver.  It’s no wonder that she is not ‘allowed’ to have press conferences (unheard of) and has never ever taken questions from anyone other than the three heavily prepped interviews like this.

Try to find evidence of a single substantive understanding of any issue in this clip.  There isn’t one.  All we get are tired catch phrases and worn generalities.  Simply unfit for office.

4 thoughts on “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

  1. Palin is a joke that not enough people are laughing at, though the number is growing. If we allow our democracy to appeal mediocrity (apparently it’s preferable to evil elitism) we, like any good democracy, will get just the leader we deserve.

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