Al   Lindsay passes along another interesting article on what is developing into a big Chicago news story.  The gist

Would a public school that caters to gay and lesbian teens be a welcome addition to CPS? 


The school would welcome students of any sexual orientation, with a goal to have an approximate 40/60 split between straight and LGBT students. A high population of minorities is also expected.


Hmm.  I understand the goal.  I empathize with the need to improve life for some suffering LGBT students. 

But, this is not the solution.

I cannot wrap my head around the idea of fighting for equality on one hand, and then expanding segregated activities and institutions on the other.  For all of the good intentions, I find it counterproductive.

What is most needed are cultural changes…changes in the mindset of the ‘Average American.’  Cultural changes are never quick or easy.  And these solutions only slow it down.

We cannot ask the average American to change their mind about the uniqueness of sexual orienation, and then send signals that reinforce the idea that orientation is special, unqiue, and different.

We are fighting to be including in the staple institutions like marriage and open military service…NOT to exclude ourselves from them into special enclaves.  Whatever the intentions of the school, the public message that it sends is too damaging.

This only sets us back.

2 thoughts on “Segregation

  1. Maybe if you used Google reader you would have known that I shared that article and Alex stole it from me and sent it to you…
    sorry, i just had to get credit for that! 🙂

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