Burn It Down And Start Over

Andrew Sullivan channels everything in my head as of late. On what has happened to the national Republican Party:

I’m sure conservatism will one day recover – because it is right about the main issues: government needs to be kept in its place, taxes should be low and budgets balanced, individuals should be able to pursue their dreams as free of government control as possible, families do matter and need to be free from government interference, free markets and enterprise are the only guarantees of prosperity, moral choices – and their consequences – should be faced by the individual responsibly, and we have to be strong in our defense and prudent in foreign policy. This is the conservatism I still believe in.

Deep down, I’m sure McCain does too. But it will only come from the ashes of this fundamentalist, mean-spirited, parochial, arrogant, big-spending, irresponsible shambles of a party. We have to repudiate the party of Rove and Abramoff and Romney and Dobson and Cheney and Bush II.

Burn it down and start over.

4 thoughts on “Burn It Down And Start Over

  1. im too new to politics to really see how things “should” be for each party whereas i look to what issues i think are important and back a candidate who supports what i want. maybe its selfish and the wrong way of going about it, but its all i got right now.

    should be interesting, they just said on fox news that analysts said that “this election does not matter on the young people, but the women older 40”

    ps i missed that john stewart video and im glad you posted it so i could catch up

  2. I definitely don’t think there is a ‘wrong way’ of going about anything with politics. Everyone sorts through it in their own way.

    You are golden either way; you’re already more knowledgeable than 95% of the American public.

    I am in no place to give advice, but if I were, I’d say never get bogged down by party labels. I worry that too often we all pick a ‘side’ and then feel some loyalty to a label (R or D) no matter what. An ineffective public official should not be re-elected, no matter what their party. And no party has a monopoly on good ideas.

    Politics is not a sporting match. Or, I suppose it shouldn’t be.

  3. I think you nailed it by saying that people feel loyal to a label no matter what, because that way, they don’t have to worry about making decisions about everything. They have things decided for them because “such-and-such issue is associated with a certain party, so I don’t have to make a decision on how I feel about the rest, because they’ve done it for me.” Of course there are issues someone may feel are more important to them, as they should. Because here I am, 2 months before the election, and I’m more confused than ever on how I feel about the candidates. (Except Sarah Palin of course, because she is a hottie compared to the uggos that tend to show up in the White House. ok just kidding). I just wish we could have more of a “purple” candidate then having to pick strictly between red and blue. I just kind of rambled. Hopefully that made at least some sense.

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