GOP Hypocrisy

John Stewart absolutely NAILS the right on the verbal hypocrisy that is bubbling from the Palin phenomenon.

This nonsense is what I hate about national politics. It is all random talk that has zero meaning behind it.

You MUST WATCH this. I’m having trouble embedding it.

5 thoughts on “GOP Hypocrisy

  1. What happens when you’re a talking head? Does talking so much and so often make you forget what you’ve said before? Or do you just stop caring at a certain point?

  2. Good questions. My guess would be a little of both.

    1) Few talking heads have principled beliefs. They get paid to fill time.

    2) Because of that, they usually have no idea how often they contradict themselves. It goes back to the old saying that the “less often you lie, the less you have to remember.”

    3) The talking heads are VERY rarely called out on their hypocrisy. It takes a fake news comedy show to do it.

    The sad part is that millions of Americans’ opinions are formed by these worthless commentators.

  3. P.S. Brandon, we need to catch up.

    How’s school and life?

    You should be a Friday or Saturday that you happen to be free and head up here to the city.

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