101 Wishes

I recently tried a mental exercise that I read about. I have yet to accomplish it. It surprised me, because I thought it would be easier.

The task was simple: write down 101 things that you hope to accomplish in your life. There are no limits or barriers. The wishes/goals/dreams could be big things or small things. In any area of life: love, faith, career, hobbies, you name it.

Right now, I’m only at 45. Long way to go.

It illustrated how little I truly know about what I want. I have a few big ones down, but still. With no limitations, I struggle to get even halfway.

My gut tells me that my youth is only partly the reason for my struggles with this. I’d guess that many people (most?) of every age never exactly pin down what they want out of our time on this planet.

4 thoughts on “101 Wishes

  1. Why not wish for 101 dalmatians, one per-wish? Use your head Dizz.

    Hahaha, completely joking. 101 is a lot of politically correct, Disney-fied word for “wants”.

    I don’t think I could even approach triple digits. Maybe that means we’re just really content with our lives?

  2. I did something like this after I came home from Spain. It was a very “What next?” kinda time so I sat down and wrote out everything that I wanted. Same rules applied- write down everything, big and small.
    I made it to eleven. (Actually ten- number eleven was just some new socks. No joke.)
    But I agree you, AC. I look at it as being content with my life, just wanting a few things to round it out a bit.

  3. I tried this tonight cuz I thought it was a good idea. I only got to 48. I think I’d be disappointed if I got all the way to 101 because then I’d feel like I couldn’t get anymore “wishes.” Life’s not over, not close to it, so I’d rather not know everything I want just yet I don’t think. But it’s kinda fun to see these things on paper when you actually have to sit and think about it.

  4. The idea of being content is a good point…perhaps that has a lot to do with it.

    And I agree that not getting to 101 isn’t a bad thing. No rush to ever be ‘finished’ on a topic like this.

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