Condoms, Mr. Phelps?

Al passes along a little news story to add color to all of our Olympic watching.

Safe sex promoted in Olympic village…


There are a lot of things athletes may run out of at the Olympic Village in Beijing but condoms should not be one of them.

Organizers have supplied 100,000 for the 10,500 athletes housed in the village. …

“There are many young, strong, single people in the athletes’ village and, like everywhere, some will fall in love or other things, so we need to make condoms available,” Ole Hansen, spokesman for UNAIDS China, told Reuters. “A lot of these young people are not married or in relationships so we want to make sure they have the information and tools to protect themselves if they have sexual encounters.”

One thought on “Condoms, Mr. Phelps?

  1. The bought 70,000 condoms at the Sydney games for 10,000 athletes and they RAN OUT! They had to buy 30,000 more for the last week of the games.

    That’s a lot of…everything.

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