8 thoughts on “Beijing

  1. Swimming- Michael Phelps, Aaron Peirsol, Amanda Beard, Natalie Coughlin, Jessica Hardy, Christine Magnuson, and Dara Torres

    Gymnastics- I just love watching gymnastics… but I’ll for sure be watching Justin Spring

  2. Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics.

    Swimming because it’s fun to chant “USA, USA, USA”

    Diving because it’s scary.

    Badminton and Tennis. More so Badminton actually.

    All of these are manly sports, obvs.

  3. I’m sick of Michael Phelps, I mean good for him and all, that’ll be awesome if he can break that record and I’ll be super happy for him, but I must say that after that ridic win in the relay last night, I’m watchin’ Garrett Weber-Gale. Ow Ow! He’s foxy, no joke. I’m watchin’ Walsh and May right now in volleyball cuz they’re amazing, and the girls’ gymnastics team is gonna get the gold woo!

  4. YESSSSS!!!! i love the olympics. i can’t believe i haven’t posted on this yet. well, let’s see here….

    swimming – that relay was such a rush
    gymnastics – even tho our female team makes me very nervous
    softball – should be total domination
    men’s basketball – deron williams represent!
    volleyball – both the beach and indoor
    track and field – always exciting

    i just love the competition….not to mention all the incredible male bodies.

    i constantly find myself thinking about the possibility of these games being in chicago. the more i think about it, the more i can’t picture it. it would be crazy. ha, we will be 31 years old in 2016. oie.

    your thoughts?

  5. Hmmm, very interestante. Good choices all. It seems like gymnastics and swimming top the lists…with diving and track and field coming in second.

    I’m right with you on envisioning the Olympics in Chicago, KG. I can’t imagine what it would be like. To be honest, I’m not sure how spread out everything actually gets. So, when they say the Olympics are in Chicago, do they mean the main stadium and village is in Chicago and then events are scattered throughout the city and suburbs?

    Either way, seeing the Olympics in person is something on my “Things I Want In This Life” list…so I have a feeling it will happen. Thirty one years old though, man that’s a little scary. Who knows where any of us will be in our lives at that point…frightening, but exciting.

    BTW, we need to talk about (1) any developments with your resume mailing and (2) your coming up here on Wednesday to pick up your phone.

    Lastly, I’m serious about having a “Things I want in this Life” list. It is literally written down and not yet complete. I’d definitely recommend the exercise.

  6. Oh and Al, I forgot to ask about Olympic Tennis. I’m guessing that it isn’t held in such high regard among the tennis elite, making it less important? Like baseball?

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