$150,000 Bonus

Sometimes  Often our policies make our government look dumb.  Real dumb.  

For example…

You’ve heard about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” right?  It’s the policy that allows gay men and women to serve in the military as long no one actually knows that they are gay.  It isn’t a ban, just a prohibition on being open about one’s sexuality.

Thousands of service-members have been booted under the policy.  They lose their pensions.  No questions asked.

Among those thousands are 60 Arab linguists- a group of experts who are becoming particularly crucial in our current fight against extremist Islam.

And, wouldn’t you know it, the Army is now desperately short of Arab linguists.  So short, in fact, that they are offering a no questions asked $150,000 bonus to anyone who can speak Arabic and would join up.  

Wow.  That is a lot of cash.  It’s tax money, obviously.  Your money.  My money.  

What about the 60 folks who are already trained for the job and who wouldn’t need a bonus?  Is there ANY logic to this?

Not only is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” one of the most insanely discriminatory policies on the books today, but it’s make ZERO fiscal sense.  In sum, over $300,000,000 (that’s correct…that many zeros) in training have been spent on service-members who were then kicked out.  Down the drain.

I know the crazy right doesn’t understand policy in terms of “equality,” but “dollars” should speak to them. 

 Even the fake conservatives of today should understand its folly.

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