Walk Score

This is a cool little site that ranks each address based on how walkable it is…

Walk Score, which launched last year, allows users to type in an address and get a “walkability score” from 0 (must have car) to 100 (walker’s paradise)…

But there are kinks still to be worked out…

Mr. Mathieu acknowledged these sorts of errors. “There is no data source out there that actually reflects the real world,” he said. But he said that the scores remain pretty good indicators for people looking for a new home. “We get lots of emails that say, ‘Hey, this bookstore closed, and you don’t have this new cafe that opened, but yeah, you pretty much have it right,” said Mr. Mathieu, whose Seattle neighborhood, Laurelhurst, scored a 74.

The reliance on nearby amenities to the exclusion of other factors, such as sidewalk and street design, neighborhood safety and road speed limits, is a reflection partly of a lack of data. Such information, if available at all, tends to be for a city overall rather than for specific addresses or neighborhoods, Mr. Mathieu said.

My Champaign address: 74 out of 100

My current address: 98 out of 100


One thought on “Walk Score

  1. My walk score is 35. That’s not so bad.
    This service can be rather useful especially for those who are going to buy a house or just want to estimate their present location. I have also tried one more service at http://drivescore.fizber.com/. It is called Drive Score. With the help of it you can see how close establishments are by car. My result is 50. Drive Score calculates your
    score based on the number of places within a convenient driving distance. The greater the number of businesses nearby the higher the drive score.

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