Olin Miller

A pearl I just heard:

“We probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of us if we could know how seldom they do.”

-Olin Miller-

I have no idea who he is…he seems to be known only for his quotes…

As I’ve delved more and more into the game of politics I have come to appreciate this one.

Walking around the halls of the state capitol is like being a participant in an interactive beauty contest. The egos overflowing from each room. The suits meant to look sharp. The eyes always glancing around looking for a more important conversation. It’s stunning, the pageantry to it all. It’s as if everyone assumes that they are on a stage and must preen themselves to impress the audience. But of course, if everyone is on stage, there is no damn audience.

And I don’t say this to criticize the political game. I’m sure its very similar everywhere. In almost any social setting, really.

As easy as this is to recognize, it’s pretty tough to change in practice. I know I struggle with it. But, I’m certainly learning to respect all those who able to break from these handcuffs. You know the type…usually they are old stalwarts who simply don’t give a damn anymore.

God, life must be stunningly improved the less we try to impress.

You think so, or no?

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