Lemon into Lemonades

My laptop did not work this morning. I hit the power button, walked away to grab my cereal, and came back to a sight that I knew was trouble. Black screen. A couple stagnant lights, but no sounds of life. No spinning fan. Oy.

This same thing happened about one month ago. That time, I took it to a local computer shop, paid a deposit, and then waited nearly 10 days before they even looked at it. When they did look at it, they called to say everything booted up fine without any trouble. Nothing was out of order. No more money to pay, but bye bye deposit.

I am sitting on a desktop now with which I’ll have occasional access, while my laptop is lifeless on my bedroom desk. What to do, I wonder?

To be honest, I truly cannot afford even a deposit at a computer repair shop. And even then, what if all that little laptop needs is time to ‘rest,’ just like before? Tricky. And in the end, I have access to this desktop, with time to check all of my daily needs. Email. Favorite blogs once quickly. Calendar. If I can do all of that now without the laptop working, what do I spend countless hours on the laptop doing on the typical day? Whatever it is, must not be too important.

This broken computer led me to a cool insight this morning. I don’t use my laptop as a tool to accomplish things that I want to accomplish. Nope. It’s the opposite. I come up with things that I think I need to accomplish because I have a laptop. Without the laptop I don’t fall behind; I simply have less to accomplish.

And I’m happier when I have less that I think I need to do. Life is slower and more enjoyable. Plus, I just moved to a new city with countless things to do to pass the time. I’ve got scores of books I’d love to read. I have a plethora of friends close by who I need to touch base with once again.

So the battle plan is set. No repair shop. I’m gonna wait it out and see what happens. A win-win, I think. More time away from the screen without a loss of productivity.

Thank God all of this happened during my first cup of coffee, when all is right with the world.

3 thoughts on “Lemon into Lemonades

  1. Paul!
    My monitor has gone black (LCD Panel is broken) and I am doing whatever I can not to get it repaired because I have NO warranty whatsoever…
    Anyway, I have experienced the same realization – that I too spend SO much time doing worthless things on my computer. In turn, I have become more diligent with getting the important things done, but I still make sure I keep up on my fun, google reader, animal-image searching tasks! 🙂
    I totally sympathize with you and I think that the obvious choice here is to meet up for a cup of coffee since we are so close!
    -your friendly neighbor

  2. Ahh, very well said my friend.

    What is your schedule like next week? How about we meet some where in the middle for that java? I’m wide open.

    BTW, where do you do your animal-image searching? That sounds unique…

  3. I will send you an e-mail of when I am available!

    Its ALL about National Geographic my friend. They have photo galleries galore!

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