This is the year

Nice new trade for the Cubbies. A solid series win down in St. Louis. A few key guys slowly healing up.

A bit of a mediocre patch the last pair of weeks, but there was no major disasters. With all home games left until the All-Star break (and our mammoth advantages at Wrigley), things are looking UP for the North-Siders.

Don’t worry, I’m already scouting the Wrigleyville watering holes to eye the best seats for the playoff games up here in October.


  1. You forgot to include an important fact that the Cubs suffered a sweep by the White Sox. True that you guys swept the White Sox first, but it was just poetic justice that we swept you after. Congrats on the all-star game. 7 cubbies is quite a reputable number. However, we’ll see you in the fall.

  2. Ha. All the stars are aligning man. I can feel it. 100 years…its just too perfect.

    If there is a God we win it all this year.

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