It’s A Face Full of Fashion

This parody is hilarious. Brenda Dickson was an old daytime soap opera actress, sold infomercial products, among other things.

It picks up as it goes along. The more I watch it, the funnier it gets…

God I love it. There are others if you want to see more. Here’s PART 2.

A few favorite lines…

“It’s a fashion face. A face full of fashion.”

“I don’t blink, that’s a huge part of fashion…I do not blink. Not at all. Good for me.”

“This top is completely not my size. Isn’t it fashion?”

“That’s my kitty cat. I named it Chester. And he was absolutely delicious.”

4 thoughts on “It’s A Face Full of Fashion

  1. Ha. Do the nightmares include her laugh? Or her wearing the black widow nightgown? Or both?

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