I need to remember…

Erin Zorn discusses the PEW Religion study from yesterday…

It all adds up to whopping proof of the existence of what I’m calling the Humble Majority—the roughly three-quarters of us who feel that, at some point, the great riddles of life are, in fact, riddles.

The Humble Majority is a spiritually diverse crowd, to say the least. But the poll indicates those people share a common view that no single religion or philosophical system has a monopoly on the Absolute Truth.

I think he’s essentially correct, and I need to try to remember that. In the scorn that I have for those who seem to vilify, scare, and distort, I forget that the vast majority of Americans are reasonable, tolerant, and humble when it comes to their spirituality.

When I complain about the ‘crazies’ becoming too popular, I need to refocus. By allowing any part of my day to be filled with their hateful ramblings, I perpetuate their popularity. I need to remember the Humble Majority and not waste a second thought on the intolerant few.

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