Kiss This……Gel-Haired Gym Guys

I forgot how much I truly love this Aaron Tippin song. I referred to it yesterday.

The perfect blend of empowerment, fun, and energy. The chorus rocks…

Why don’t you kiss…kiss this.

And I don’t mean on my rosy red lips.

Me and You…we’re through.

And there’s only one thing left for you to do.

You just come on over here one last time.

Pucker up and close your eyes.

And kiss this…Goodbye

On that note I want to send out a first-ever Kiss This award to “Gel-Haired Gym Guys.” Most of you know who I’m talking about.

They are those people who wear the same outfit whether they’re doing biceps curls or break dancing at a club. Their attire includes colors that match perfectly- often with denim. They are usually wearing gold chains, earings, and have visible tatoos. They are constantly scouring the gym, making eye contact with everyone with the face that asks “Did you see how much weight I lifted and how good I look?” Typically they slams their weights on the ground when they finish so that the blind who can’t see their strength can at least hear it.

I say, Kiss This Gel-Haired Gym Guy. The chances of actually finding a mate while working out at the gym are on par with getting hit by a dog falling from the sky. But I don’t care about your misplaced social skills. I just get pissed when your showboating distracts me from having a real work out.

As Tracie would say, “Ride out.”

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