New Music

I need to listen to new songs. Any suggestions? It doesn’t have to be from a specific genre, have a certain feel, or be a certain tempo. I just want to freshen up the playlist.

What are some tunes that are either under appreciated or unknown?

In the spirit of barter, here’s some from me:

“Kiss This” – Aaron Tippen. One of my favorite, late 90s badass country songs.

“Lullabye for A Stormy Night” – Vienna Teng. Ultimate relaxation. Like the comfort of being 5 years old again.

“Dear Abby” – John Prine. This may already be legendary to some of you. If not, that means you have yet to discover John Prine…thank me later.

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2 thoughts on “New Music

  1. I think I told you about them before but you probably ignored me…

    Try Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers… I love everything by them but let’s start you off with “Sweet Sophia” and “See You Later, See You Soon”

    Also, Daniela Cotton “It’s Only Life”

  2. I definitely did not ignore you before. I’ve listened to a lot of Steven Kellogg stuff. I love it. Honest.

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