The Louder the Weaker

I’m learning a handy shortcut to spot which side of an argument is weakest: Whoever goes to the extreme first is wrong. They typically then repeat that extreme continually, getting louder each time.

Take the Presidential race. Each reference to Barack “Hussein” Obama makes me much more likely to support him. It signals the fumes that his opponents are running on. How his middle name given to him by his parents at birth has any real bearing on his ability to lead this country is beyond me. Obviously, what’s more plausible is that it is a weak cue to scare the least informed. It’s pathetic argumentation.


Or what about the gay marriage issue. I was sent this audio today…it’s a clip from earlier in the week from the radio show The Savage Nation. Please, please, please take a listen…

Let’s follow along this enlightening discussion:

“Aren’t you tired of the propaganda that every newspaper you pick up today shows old, ugly women getting married?” Hmm…not really an argument, just an insult. So I suppose I’m fine with this one. Though the word ‘propaganda’ seems out of place. Whatever your thoughts on gay marriage, it was a major news event for same-sex couples to be married for the first time in the nation’s largest state. Any newspaper would be obligated to report on that. Of course, this is the first sign of the preposterousness to come…any mention of gay marriage becomes “propaganda.”

“It’s not a joke when you steal an institution as fragile as marriage and then pervert it with a mockery.” Steal marriage? A mockery? This all relates back to the idea that makes no sense: allowing gay people to get married affects the lives of straight married couples. No one ever says how, they just say that it does. Count me entirely unconvinced.

But that line of thinking is tame compared to where the discussion goes next……to the extreme…..

“Our children are being destroyed by this…the children don’t know what to make of it….its a giant propagana machine trying to pervert children.” Oh boy. Here we go. I hope the ridiculousness speaks for itself, because I have no words. I can’t fathom how an adjective like ‘destroyed’ would come up. I mean…what? And I get lost when he says that “IT” is a propaganda machine. What is this “IT” he is referring to?

Let’s listen on, a caller sheds some light on how the children are being destroyed…

I had to explain to my young son why two men were holding hands the other day.” Sweet Mary and Joseph, heaven forbid a father has to explain something to his son about diversity in the world. Wouldn’t parenting be so much easier if there were no differences of any kind, so that fathers wouldn’t ever feel awkward. How selfish of gay couples. Why don’t they just stop loving each other, so fathers can avoid conversations with their children.

But this particular father, luckily, was prepared. His lesson…

“I told him, ‘its the wrongest thing you’ve ever seen.'” Whew, crisis averted.
I’m glad we have father’s like this passing on pearls of wisdom to impressionable young kids so that the evil homosexuals aren’t able to fill them with propaganda. Grammar isn’t as important as the Bible.

Our venerable host is there to praise this great parenting…

“We have to explain to the children why God told people this was wrong.” Yes, God delivered this important message in his prepared remarks in Sept. of 1945. I think the audio file can be found in some archives.

But Michael doesn’t stop there, he presses on with sage advice to all parents on ways to make the point clear to the kids…

“Just take them down to a duck pond and show them boy ducks and girl ducks, and then show them ducklings. And say that there must be boy ducks and girl ducks to have babies…same with dogs…You have to explain this to the children in the time of mental rape that’s going on.” I knew it wouldn’t take long before we got to animals. It is always wise to show how your enemy (in this case the homosexual) is less smart than even dogs and ducks. I’m particularly impressed that he threw in the trigger word ‘rape.’ Well played Michael.

But wait…he ends on a high…

“Children’s minds are being raped by the homosexual mafia. That is my position.” Amen. What a finish. Finally we know what the “IT” is….the gay mafia. Of course. We should have know that all along. The underground web of criminals and manipulators. The secret society that binds every gay person on the planet. Thank God we have Michael to open our eyes.

Alright, I can’t play the game any longer. In the course of a 3 minute conversation, the arguments here busted way past ‘extreme.’ If this isn’t the clearest indicator of the wrong side of the issue, I don’t know what is.

But do you know what really kills me: This is the third most popular radio show of any genre in the entire country. 8.5 million listeners a day. Besides this, Savage has written several books that were all #1 New York Times bestsellers.

I know we have whack-jobs on every side of every issue. But I long for the days when the whack-jobs were the people slumped over in the corner of the pub talking to the passed out drunk on the stool.

3 thoughts on “The Louder the Weaker

  1. I’m shocked you found words to describe what I just heard.

    That radio show may be free speech at its finest (ugliest?).

    P.S. I always love when you mention “sweet Mary and Joseph”.

  2. But what do you do when you encounter someone like this? Do you try to argue with logic against, “We have to explain to the children why God told people this was wrong”? It seems pointless, like bringing a knife to a rubber chicken fight: the whole thing’s ridiculous, and you run the risk of making yourself look ridiculous by jumping into the fray.
    But then not to argue seems wrong, too. So, like I said, what do you do?

  3. That is a fantastic point. And I have no answer….which makes me think ignoring it is likely a better battle plan.

    I suppose jumping into the fray may prove fruitful only if the individual has never before been challenged in any capacity on his perspective. But, then again, its impossible to know if this ridiculousness is caused from just plain craziness or a sheltered/isolated/skewed living situation. The latter may still have hope? Or not?

    The scary thing is that this rubber chicken fight is watched by millions of Americans a day.

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