Desert Island CDs

When Tracie suggests something, you do it . No questions. No discussion. No thinking about it. No wasted time.

On that note, if I was on a helicopter that was crashing into a deserted island and I only had time to grab five CDs before making a jump for it, these are the five I’d take…

(These are in no order)

1. “Fly” – Dixie Chicks

2. “Double Live” – Garth Brooks

3. “Thriller” – Michael Jackson

4. “Hotel California” – The Eagles

5. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” – Elton John

You’re turn. Go.

3 thoughts on “Desert Island CDs

  1. I love your list, Paul! Eagles and Elton are perfect! Now, I’m just gonna assume I’m on the island with you so that I don’t have to pick any that you did and we can avoid repeats, and therefore have more music 🙂 Mine would be (also in no order):

    1. The Beatles- Abbey Road
    2. Queen-A Day at the Races
    3. Electric Light Orchestra- A New World Record
    4. Blondie- The Best of Blondie
    5. Chicago- 17
    (and Boston Greatest Hits if it just happened to “fall” off the helicopter and land on safely on the island. Sorry, I couldn’t narrow it down anymore than that and I want us to be able to rock out)

  2. Too bad Tracie didn’t suggest you start watching BSG last year.

    1. Tragic Kingdom – No Doubt
    2. Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette
    3. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket – Blink 182 (embarrassing I know)
    4. 1 – The Beatles
    5. Taking the Long Way – Dixie Chicks

  3. In no particular order:

    1. A Hard Day’s Night- The Beatles
    2. Cross Road- Bon Jovi
    3. Glassjaw Boxer- Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
    4. Absolutely- Sister Hazel
    5. Before These Crowded Streets- Dave Matthews Band

    I’m assuming we will all be on this desert island together( nobody argue with me otherwise), so I’m glad Al took care of Alanis, Tracie Boston and Queen, Paul MJ and the Eagles…

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