Prez TV Ads. More Negative? Or Less?

A common refrain these days is that political campaigns are getting too negative. Candidates are too nasty, mean, and divisive. It is thought that they don’t talk about the issues as much as they should.

However, truth be told, political scientists have found no such evidence. In fact, comparing campaigns now to those in the not-so-distant past, you’d probably be surprised at how far things have come.

For example, here is probably the most famous Presidential TV ad of all time, LBJ’s “Daisy” spot from 1964…

This basically says: If you don’t vote for LBJ, you will die and the world will end. Ouch.

And how about this. Here’s a 1956 ad for Eisenhower…see if you can find even a single substantive issue mentioned in this fake “parade.” Imagine a Presidential candidate throwing something like this out there now? They’d be a laughingstock…

On a slightly different note, this 1984 Reagan re-election ad is regarded as the best positive TV ad ever crafted. Politically speaking, it is flawless…

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Prez TV Ads. More Negative? Or Less?

  1. Everyone knows an affective positive campaign ad features women in power-suits. What’s your favorite power color and how do you wear it?

    The Ike ad is the best, obvs. The more Disney-fied the candidate the better. Hence why power suit woman didn’t get the dem nomination, but a it’s-a-small-world caricature will. Also, why we needed a slap stick cowboy for president for a long time.

  2. Ha. You and your power suits…you and your women wearing power suits…you and your egotistical, bitter, divisive women wearing power suits.

    I’ll never understand.

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