New Marriages

As of yesterday today same-sex couples were allowed to be legally married in California.

The first couple in line was Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon…partners of over 55 years.

I’ll never understand the fear.

…Adding… Considering the importance of this day to millions, many editorials have been written on the topic. One that caught my eye had the headline, “Will gay rights trample religious freedom?” It concludes:

If past rulings are any guide, it is religious rights that are likely to be “obliterated” by an emerging popular majority supporting same-sex relationships — and it seems unlikely that the California courts will intervene. That’s a shame.

The article itself presents a nuanced argument, which is a little different than I have heard before. But, as always the point is missed that government sanctioned marriages have nothing to do with church functions.

Also, it peeves me one must support gay rights or not support gay rights, as if every issue was bundled. It is much more nuanced than that. For example, I personally do not support inclusion of sexual orientation onto the list of “hate crimes.” Because I’ve still not been convinced that committing a crime against someone because of their sexual orientation is any worse than committing the same crime for some other reason.

But, of course most view these issues in such black/white terms that it is impossible to get into the complexity of “gay issues.”  You have to be for it all or against it all.  No middle ground.  No real discussion on the merits of each.  You must have a label attached to yourself.

5 thoughts on “New Marriages

  1. Clearly Del and Phyllis are destroying my way of life. Nothing more sinister than teal.
    (Actually, I’m more worried about the guy in the background. “Yes, that’s it, put the Precious on her finger …”)

  2. Everything doesn’t have to be black/white. You can pick and choose issues and say you’re gray – just like you say you’re semi-conservative. You’re sort of in the middle, but closer to the dark side, so you’d be darkish gray. Haha…dark side…nevermind.

  3. You’re right…the no flannel thing was shocking.

    But they played pick-up basketball after the ceremony…so at least some stereotypes hold true.

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