God Bless Dominant Women

Confession: I’ve long admired dominant women. I particularly savor those key moments when a women says something or does something that makes it clear that they are stronger, smarter, and wittier than the bumbling others around them.

Al, I know you share this characteristic, probably even more than me- I mean it led you to show unwavering support to Hillary up to her bitter end. And I mean bitter.

In honor of those high-class broads who have given me chills over the years, here is a ranking of my top-five female badasses. I figure Father’s Day is a fitting time for this.


Jean Smart (Martha Logan, 24). The wife of scumbag VP/President Charles Logan, Martha is the classic political wife who is treated like an infant, but responds by dominating those around her.


Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman, Batman Returns). I hate cats, and I don’t particularly care for superhero movies. But something about her is captivating.


Sissy Spacek (Carrie White, Carrie). The perfect lesson for us all…be nice, or else.


Frances McDormand (Marge the Police Chief, Fargo). Funny. Sane. And so far ahead of everyone else is this movie that is impossible not to fall for her.

The best part of this clip starts about 20s into it and last for about 40s.


The Goddess of them all, without any competition, Mrs. Katherine Hepburn. She took control of everything that she was ever in, even those times when she probably wasn’t ‘suppose’ to. This clip from Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner is one of my favorites. Talk about your ultimate put down.

“It’s not that I don’t want to know you Hillary, although I don’t. It’s just that I’m afraid we’re not really the sort of people that you can afford to be associated with. Don’t speak Hillary, just go.”


7 thoughts on “God Bless Dominant Women

  1. Katherine Hepburn is a Goddess and Fargo is a movie I never grow tired of but…

    No one from FWC?

    I think it suffices to say I’m more than a little disappointed.

  2. Oh man…you are exactly right. I cannot believe that I missed that. Goldie Hawn from that movie should definitely be number 2. Especially for the scene where she trounces in and starts pointing things out to be sold.

    “Oh all right…take it all.” (Slaps 50cents onto the desk)

  3. I love this! I’m gonna have to sit here and think about my lady list like this. Kate Hepburn definitely makes it on there. The ultimate bad ass

  4. Hahaha.

    Perhaps, maybe, kind of, sorta…deep down. Very deep. In some hidden mysterious place in my subconscious there is a tiny part of me that has a dab of admiration for your occasional ability to be somewhat dominant.

    Nothing more. 🙂

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