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  1. Just curious but when the Cubs are losing do you still refer to them as “we” or do you only throw yourself into the mix when they happen to be doing well?

    I ask because there was an interesting psych study done on that very topic.

    As for my predictions, I think the Cubs will finish out the season strong- perhaps ranked first or second in the MLB (see, I can be nice), but in true North side fashion, lose their composure in the playoffs getting eliminated early (wait, maybe I can’t be). Damn that curse. Don’t worry- there’s always next year.

  2. Hmm. I’m not sure about the ‘we’ thing. I think bleeding Cubbie blue has been drilled into me for so long, that I use ‘we’ no matter what. It’s not like I have any shame in our losing any more.

    Anyway, what did the psych study say on that topic?

    I appreciate your honest assessment of the Cubs chances this season. See, we can be somewhat cordial on this topic. Ha. And you must admit that the “Go Cubs Go” song is hella catchy. 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, I must say that it is…

    I’ll try to find a link to the study that will explain it better than I could… I’ll get back to you

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